Every piece is made entirely by hand, either on a potters’ wheel or using slab built techniques. Form and color are paired down while surfaces are pushed to the limit with techniques such as carving, impressed textures, and wax-resist glazing. This yields a collection of goods that can blend easily into any home, and provide tactile as well as visual interest. We invite and encourage you to bring quality - rather than quantity - into your home. A ceramic object can replace cheaply made plastic goods, and can mean a little more to you when you shake the hand that made it. It can last countless years and be handed down from one generation to the next; loved, used and cared for. You have the choice between purchasing plastic items, ones that will live forever in landfills and pollute our beautiful oceans, considered an absolute blight on our planet - or ceramic goods, ones like those that sit in the world’s greatest collections, gently pulled from the earth, secreted away for thousands of years from long lost civilizations.

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DARK + STORMY is a one woman business established in 2015 by Caylan Fisher-DeLisi, and is so named for the moody and windswept coasts of New Jersey, where she grew up.   Caylan holds a degree in Fine Art from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and is currently living and working in The Los Padres National Forest, north of Los Angeles, California.  DARK + STORMY has been featured in HGTV Magazine and Apartment Therapy.   

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